Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some thoughts grafted onto the Saturday Random Ten

So yeah, the whole Shoot First/Stand Your Ground movement has not stcuck me as a good thing. The verdict in the Trayvon Martin case was depressing. If anything, the Jordan Davis case was even worse. By most standards, Michael Dunn just straight up murdered Davis, plus he's shown violent behaviors and symptoms of psychopathy before and after. Yet he was only convicted at all because he shot at the retreating car afterwards.

This blog post lists some other dismaying cases. The one pleasant surprise is that there are no abusive comments on it, which have become pretty standard in online discussions of the topic. I'm not sure if the Sleuthsayers people have cut comments, or if a mystery writer group blog has enough of an air of toughness to keep bullies at bay.

Anyway, the music:

1. Cannonball Adderley - Unit 7

2. Beck - Country Down

3. Brian Eno - Sombre Reptiles

4. Fairport Convention - Book Song

5. Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch

6. Neil Young - Powderfinger

7. Morphine - Sheila

8. Reading Rainbow - I See Light

9. Lower Dens - Candy

10. Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - In a Mellow Tone


susan said...

The whole thing is perverse and barbarous in my opinion. I still can't believe SYG was instituted anywhere in the first place.

It's another nice SR10. I haven't listened to Fairport Convention in a very long time, nor Connoball Adderly for that matter. Why don't people name their children Cannonball anymore?

Ben said...

SYG makes very little sense unless you think of it as a long-delayed battle of the Civil War, and that only helps so much.

I wonder if naming a child "Cannonball" promotes him or her being a better diver.