Sunday, May 11, 2014

Couple of different things

Ever been to a Middle Eastern-themed cafe.  Say one with Moroccan cuisine and decor.  Some also offer hookahs to smoke.  And you get the feeling that a lot of those who go for the hookah are in the mood to do bong hits but don't have any cannabis at the moment so they're going the placebo route.

Mind, I have no problem with this at all.  I just can't help noticing/speculating.

This is indeed cute.  Not what I picture when I hear "arctic fox", though.  I'd have just thought they were foxes that happened to be white, not little black dog/badger things.

Super Cute Arctic Fox Cubs from For 91 Days Travel Blog on Vimeo.


susan said...

I've never been to a Middle Eastern-themed cafe but it sounds nice, especially as I'm guessing the food was good and, hopefully, the company too.

I'm pretty sure I remember reading arctic fox pups only turn white during their first winter. There are indeed very cute.

Ben said...

Well, I like the company, anyway. I think they know taht.

Ah, okay. They turn white when it's advantageous, after snowfall. Makes sense. Yeah, still cute.