Thursday, May 8, 2014

Going whole hog

The Three Billy Pigs from Nik Palmer on Vimeo.

This seems to be a lovely bit of interdisciplinary children's theatre. I especially like the comedy business they work out of the Big Bad Wolf.

The "Three Billy Pigs" title is apparently a combo of The Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff. At first I thought it might be a short form of "hillbilly." Not sure if that's a word in broad usage in the UK. There is a banjo in the show.


susan said...

It was very nice seeing such a low-key program done with children as the audience. While it was perfectly magical it also shows just how easy it is to make up your own stories using puppets.

Before I forget, I wanted to tell you we watched a great documentary a few nights ago called <a href="'AKA Doc Pomus'</a>. I had no idea who he was until I remembered seeing his name on my old 45s. It's an amazing story you might like too.

susan said...

oops, aka doc pomus

Ben said...

They do seem to have a good way with kids.

That documentary looks like a trip. Like you I didn't know much about Doc Pomus beyond his songs. (He cowrote the song "Suspicion" which the Bonzos covered and was previously an Elvis Presley song.) He seems to have had an interesting life, though. Probably one of the first major Jewish musicians in rock 'n' roll.