Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dude, you are so glowing

Lower Dens are a band from Baltimore - lovely city, or at least what I've seen of it is - that are starting to get attention. I like the video below both for the haunting song and the reassuring proof that musicians still do massive amounts of mind-altering substances. I mean, the only people who deeply discuss the Singularity are stoners and horrible management consultant types, and they don't seem like the latter.


susan said...

I haven't been able to take much of what Ray Kurzweil says about the Singularity very seriously simply because he's so wildly optimistic he completely forgets irony - a very strong component of human experience. A book on my list for reading this year is 'You Are Not a Gadget' by Jaron Lanier, a guy who certainly has as much technical expertise but one who has drawn a different conclusion.

The band seem to be enjoying themselves and that is the main thing. I liked their wander through the forest.

Ben said...

Back when we had a Borders here, meaning when they still existed, I remember sitting down at their cafe and reading some selections from "You Are Not a Gadget." Lanier seems to have it on the ball, from what I've read of him, and I should really go back and read the whole book. He also seems to live a pretty full life.

Yeah, that forest jaunt does look like fun.