Monday, July 16, 2012

Inspection time

At work we have people coming in tomorrow from a foundation. They help fund our work. Word went out that they'd be touring our locations. Management was concerned that our spaces look neat for them, so that they wouldn't get the wrong impression. So this afternoon before I left, I went on a whirlwind cleaning of my work station.

As it happens, I'm scheduled to take tomorrow off. I requested the vacation day last week, and didn't find out about the visitors until today, so it's not like I'm avoiding them. I'm definitely okay with it, though. This way I get the rush of cleaning, but during the visit I'll be out of everybody's hair and vice versa.


susan said...

I hope you've had a good day away from the office. It appears you already enjoyed the benefit of prescience. Official visits are never much fun.

Ben said...

Not a bad day. I got my laundry done earlier than I usually do it. Afterwards I took a bus downtown to enjoy the grassy hills around Waterplace Park.

Yeah, I don't need the suits getting in my business. I have a guerrilla way of working, or at least tell myself I do.

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