Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Good scouts

On this fine, albeit humid, Independence Day, I stopped in to the movies. An American movie, as it happens. Actually Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is not only American but somewhat local, having been filmed at various seaside locations in RI.

The movie has an excellent cast. Edward Norton, the "I am Jack's..." guy from Fight Club especially brings it as a scout troupe leader struggling to hide his self doubt. For all that, long stretches of the film have to be carried entirely by the two young leads who play the runaway lovers. They prove up to the task, although I fear the dewy budding sexuality of the characters will bring a massive number of ephebephiles to the theatre. (Then again, their money's green, so the studio doesn't want to turn anyone away.)

Given the habit of audiences even at the Avon to leave quickly and silently as soon as the action is over, it means something that the audience here clapped audibly at the fadeout. And many of us stayed through the update of Benjamin Britten's "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" for the closing credits.

Also good: Again as change, the ticket counter gave me a two dollar bill. They're rare, but as you can see here, they're a thing.


susan said...

You've taught me a new word today even though I already knew of the tendency. The trailer for the movie looks pretty funny and the coastal setting is pretty. I loved the south county beaches but don't recall any that looked like what I just saw.

I remember being surprised the first time I got a two dollar bill too. Around here it's all loonies and toonies these days so I'm glad I saved some old bills.

Ben said...

I've been to Block Island, which is scenic in the right ways, but I don't think they filmed there. Conanicut Island in Jamestown seems to have been one of the big locations.

Meanwhile, I don't think I've ever heard the coin referred to as a toonie before. Pictures I see of it look kind of pretty.