Monday, July 23, 2012

Hygienist visit

So I went for a dental cleaning today.  Since I've been paying more attention to my gumline lately it was relatively pleasant, as compared to what's gone before.  Still felt the metal, albeit not this kind.

But while I felt it I wasn't hurt so bad that I wanted to jump out of the chair. Progress.

While waiting for the bus afterwards, I saw a poster for a singer. Miriam Perez, I think? Spanish language singer, she seemed to be. It was an attractive woman on the poster. Someone had drawn a mustache on her face. This is a time-honored form of vandalism, of course, but I was disappointed at the execution. It was just this ballpoint curl they couldn't even be bothered to keep on level with her upper lip. Maybe this level of craft isn't always attainable but jeez people, at least try.

The Castle Cinema has been empty for years now and still is. I keep hearing the problem is that there's no parking in the neighborhood. Well that hasn't changed, not recently. What has changed is the ethnic and linguistic makeup of the people living there. Now I think there should still be a way to make the theatre and the restaurant attached to it serve the neighborhood as it is. But no one's been willing to put up the money to do that. Or maybe it's easy for me to say.


susan said...

Hmpff, I still have to go 4 times a year and never like it. Taking some ibuprofen first can help.

Was that Jack Black? Definitely not one of the crazy Scandinavian death metal groups, that's fer sure.

Yeah, if you're going to take the time to deface a public image it's probably best if you can at least be somewhat tasteful in the undertaking. A nicely blacked out tooth always works well and doesn't take long.

One of these days the malls will close and the time for local theaters will return.. but I won't hold my breath. If things get really bad it could be back to Punch and Judy shows.

Ben said...

Getting loaded on martinis can probably take the edge off, too. But I never seem to have the time.

That's Jack Black, all right. That seemed to be the best video for the pun I was making.

Blacked out tooth. Good one, provided the model's lips are parted.

There's something "Riddley Walker" about the Punch and Judy suggestion. It would be a change, anyway. I'd love to see local theatres come back, with broader selections too.

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