Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yesterday I told a co-worker of mine that Donald J. Sobol the creator of Encyclopedia Brown, had died. Neither name appeared to mean anything to him, which just further illustrated to me the vast gulf between us. But now that I think of it I kind of want to quiz my friends on how much they remember of these books. Every book of Encyclopedia Brown mysteries had at least one story where neighborhood bully pulls some kind of scam and Brown easily proves his guilt. It sort of makes life easier when your nemesis is always the criminal and never gets better at it. So yes, the books were silly in their way. They hold up in their silliness well, though. As often mentioned, Brown would hesitate for a few seconds when a grown-up asked him a question, so they wouldn't feel bad when he gave them the answer. That's a bit of courtesy I still sometimes use.


susan said...

I thought it was very cool of him to always have Encyclopedia Brown's consultation fee be 25¢. The series was a very ingenious idea and I'm glad to know you still find the stories amusing.

Ben said...

25¢ plus expenses, but I don't remember him ever charging anyone for expenses. It's funny how things come back to you when they do.

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