Thursday, July 19, 2012

The shadows know

I am not making this up!

Here are two articles on Tim Noble and Sue Webster, a pair of British artists who I'm guessing are also a couple. They were a new one on me when I read the piece in Weird Fiction Review. It's kind of an intense thing they've got going, isn't it? In a way the piles of stuff that casts a completely different shadow idea seems like something that should have been thought of long ago. A Victorian or WWI-era novelty. The details are very contemporary, though. The rubbish and dead animals they use in their work probably bother quite a few viewers, but the images aren't easy to shake.

Bet they have to use thick rubber gloves.


susan said...

Wow. That's pretty amazing work you found this time. Of the pieces I had a closer look at it was 'White Trash' I found as a most profound comment about our culture. I couldn't help but remember the stories I read about Smokey Mt. in the Philippines.

Ben said...

The brief article on Smokey Mountain is mind-boggling. Who knew that this burning pile of trash would become a seemingly permanent part of the Philippines' ecosystem?

Ben said...

And oh yeah, it is amazing work. One of the articles has a link to the artists' website.