Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peaches do NOT come from a can, nor were they put there by a man

Peaches tend not to be ripe when you buy them. Or at least when I buy them. Thus if you put them in the fridge right away and never take them out, they never do ripen. So when you eat them, they're mainly hard pulp. This can be avoided by putting them by a window for a little while. A couple of hours before sunset, or all night if there's not enough daylight.

I include this only as an example of real basic stuff that I've only learned recently.


susan said...

Tomatoes, bananas, and avocados don't seem to like the inside of refrigerators. I still don't know why.

Ben said...

The good thing about bananas, though, is that their peels tell you essentially what they'll taste like. I prefer if they have a little, but not a lot, of green. Solid yellow is okay. Once they start showing brown, I consider them compost.