Monday, August 6, 2012

Heavy hitter

I'm in the middle of this book now. Halfway through it, in fact. Not with this cover, though. The edition I'm reading was printed in the 1980s, and has a photo cover of the two series heroes. The model they have as Nero Wolfe looks right, but they gave Archie Goodwin a mustache that I don't think quite fits.

Anyway, yes, I'm halfway through it, as it's a very short novel. And oh! what fun it is too. Rex Stout writes New York, it's rough spots and its police department as a contemporary Wonderland. Making Wolfe himself... I'm going to go with the Caterpillar. It's refreshing to see a series with such a willfully difficult hero.


susan said...

Round about the mid-70's we were introduced to Nero Wolfe, Archie, Fritz, Theodore, Saul, Inspector Cramer, Purley Stebbins, et al when we visited Chris and Susan in NY. I wonder if you remember? The interesting thing about them is right from the first book (1934) Rex Stout always described the city just as it was.

Ben said...

I hadn't realized that Chris and Susan were the source. It makes sense, though. The vivideness of the city makes the books something New Yorkers can take pride in.