Monday, August 20, 2012


The tumblr-specific but widely-known practice of using "fuck yeah" for the titles of fan pages (case in point) makes me suspect that everyone's favorite rhyme for "duck" is becoming the equivalent of "golly gee." In which case, there's a void. We need new obscenities. Perhaps "qlood" would be a good start.

Of course having published the word "qlood" I half suspect that the post will be forcibly taken down by sunrise.


susan said...

I agree it's become a pretty meaningless expression over the years. I was going to remind you of George Carlin but instead found a pretty entertaining article about modern censorship.

Ben said...

Which does in fact bring George Carlin into the picture, and I can never object to that. Yeah, I was a pretty heavy visitor to the TVTropes site for a while. It stokes that kind of obsessive nerdiness.