Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winged vanity

Today I saw one of the most hilarious wastes of money it's been my privelege to witness. A plane was dragging a banner through the air. It was all red, with a familiar yellow M on the right hand side. To the left of this were three lines of text in white. What did they say? I don't know. I couldn't read it. There is no way anyone standing on the ground could read this banner. So this pilot was paid probably thousands of dollars to tell the public that McDonalds exists. We were all so close to forgetting, I'm sure.

To be fair, they may be trying to reach out to the seagull community.


susan said...

Maybe Ronald always wanted to fly one of those and his Uncle McDonald rented him a plane for the day.. either that or the company execs have poisoned themselves eating their product.

Ben said...

What's the quote from Scarface? Never get high on your own supply.