Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Random Ten from a ghost town

How many people are scrambling to get their vacation hours in now? Quite a few, I'm guessing. Even as Fridays go, it was abandoned and tomblike at work today. Spa-kooky!

1. Brian Eno--Zawinul/Lava
2. The Magnetic Fields--The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure
3. Jackson Browne--Walking Slow
4. Sly & the Family Stone--Run, Run, Run
5. Nina Simone--Come Ye
6. The Kinks--Session Man
7. Sonic Youth--Paper Cup Exit
8. The White Stripes--Little People
9. The Velvet Underground--Pale Blue Eyes
10. Stan Kenton--Peg o' My Heart

* At first I disliked the snide tone of this song. Now I kind of like it. Wny shouldn't peace and love allow for a little grumpiness?


susan said...

I scrambled to get my vacation time in and look at me now. Just six more days.. :-)

Ben said...

Make the most of them. Leave 'em somehing to remember!

And of course enjoy what comes next.

susan said...

Work was more relaxing than this vacation. 45 boxes and counting.. Still, we'll be driving soon and that will be nice.