Friday, August 27, 2010

A Friday Random Ten both Calvinist and Lutheran

Not much to report. I'm taking a few days off from work, and feel just fine about that. So why don't I show you this from here?

1. Jackson Browne--Before the Deluge
2. Taj Mahal--Take a Giant Step
3. Brian Eno--Spirits Drifting
4. Gnarls Barkley--Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)
5. The Kinks--Mister Pleasant
6. Arcade Fire--Half Light II (No Celebration)
7. Yma Sumac--Gopher Mambo
8. Isobel Campbell--Thursday's Child
9. Nina Simone--Four Women
10. Sonic Youth--Stones


susan said...

Very cool comic indeed.. and a suitably brilliant title of the post :-)

We're in Billings, Montana tonight and comfortable. I hope you're enjoying your days off.

Ben said...

To the first, I thought so. To the second, thank you. It seemed a golden opportunity.

How is Billings? I know it's one of the larger cities in Montana, but not much otherwise.