Friday, August 6, 2010

"A Funny Thing Happened"/Friday Random Ten

Today I carried a linen jacket with me, letting it dry out from a rainstorm. A rainstorm that lasted about as long as an infomercial. Yesterday: It's overcast and I walk into a store. I come out and it's like there are invisible gardeners holding hoses everywhere. The streets are flooded. Two or three minutes to walk home, and it only takes a fraction of that for me to get soaked to the skin. Bizarre.

1. Harry Nilsson--Me and My Arrow
2. Yuka Honda--The Last One to Fall Asleep With
3. Nina Simone--The Other Woman
4. L'Attirail--Disco Tel Aviv
5. Bjork--Vertebrae by Vertebrae
6. Taj Mahal--Statesboro Blues
7. Bob Dylan--Early in the Morning
8. Isobel Campbell--James
9. Modern Jazz Quartet--The Queen's Fancy
10. Magnetic Fields--Bitter Tears


susan said...

Portland is famous for bizarre rain exhibits. I've been rained on while walking in sunshine under an apparently clear blue sky.

Ben said...

See? That's exactly what I'm talking about. And you can get man. But ultimately it's better to just step back and marvel.