Friday, August 13, 2010

Fri...zzzz... Oh! Friday Random Ten

Spent the end of last night figuring something out in Microsoft Word. That is, figuring out how to add page numbers to a manuscript with name & title as part of the same field, while not putting a page number on the first page. I've found webpages that have claimed to offer instruction on how to do this, but they were lying frauds.

Now, in sussing this out, I stayed up later than usual. This has required some cat-napping today. Totally worth it, though.

1. Roy Orbison--The Clown
2. Johnny Cash--Staring at the Wall
3. The Velvet Underground--Jesus
4. Elvis Costello & the Attractions--Oliver's Army
5. Arcade Fire--City With No Children
6. Nina Simone--Nobody Knows you When You're Down and Out
7. The Kinks--Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
8. Sly & the Family Stone--I Cannot Make It
9. TV on the Radio--Things You Can Do
10. Dinah Washington--Drinking Again


susan said...

I hate ms word because by the time I've finished setting up the format I've forgotten what I wanted to write. When I write my masterpiece the publishers will receive in a document file made in text edit and they can figure out the page breaks.

Ahh, Dinah and Nina, two of my favorites.

Ben said...

Well, it's best to get what you wanted to say down on the virtual paper before you fret about formatting. Because really, your needs are likely to change by the time you're at the end.

Glad you like the Dinah and Nina selections. I'm with you.