Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making the mosque of it

To reiterate, what can be gleaned from the Park51/Cordoba House "Ground Zero" "mosque" kerfuffle?

1.Outside of xenophobia there is no case against the project.
2. President Obama is right to support their rights on this and remind people of what country this is supposed to be.
3. Most of the country is wrong on this one. Hey, happens to the best of us.
4. Harry Reid has no balls.

Pop quizzes an exams will be held every day from now until eternity.


susan said...

This is yet another non-issue made much of by right wing propagandists. It's ludicrous as a polling issue anyway and I'm guessing most of those with a negative 'opinion' don't live in NYC anyway.

Ben said...

This seems to be one of those times when it's very profitable to whip up fury against the outsider. The period following WWI--when KKK membership shot skyward--is another. For more evidence see Arizona's war against the Mexican invaders.