Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jiminy Cricket was a friend of mine, and doctor...

The silencing of anyone's voice is not really a good goal, even when as in this case, it's self-silencing. That said, is the retirement of Dr. Laura an occasion for great regret? Not really.

She always appealed to--and eventually aimed straight for--a conservative talk-radio audience. No surprise there. Under "government off our backs" there's usually a whole lotta busybody. That's not really the issue. True, she alienated gays and lesbians with clueless gusto. And true, she ended her career with a bizarre racial meltdown. But these are sidetrips.

What made her really not-so-helpful was the finality of her advice. When people called her, she didn't help them think through their problems and moral dilemmas. She just told them what to do. And even if her advice was good--stopped clocks and all that--giving answers without a way to get there doesn't help. You can't always carry your favorite radio host around.

Then again, there seems to be a market. Maybe people don't want a friend to talk to. Maybe they actually want a visit from the morality police. In which case the next Laura Schlessinger is on the horizon.


susan said...

A huge problem in modern western psychology is a leaning toward behavioral vs. trans-personal - and we won't even get into finding a drug to cure any maladaptive. I read the other day than they're trying to find a drug for bereavement if somebody is sad longer than a month and another planned for argumentative teenagers!

We're on the road - stuff packed and gone on a truck - and we're in Spokane where we'd hope to get to on day one. Tomorrow through the mountains. Would you believe we had dinner at Hooters? The food was good, the waitress was cute and the noise from all the tv's and sound system music was horrendous. Now I'm off to sleep.

susan said...

after maladaptive I should have written behaviour.. :-)

Ben said...

There's always money to support drugging any condition out of sight. But I thought there was already a drug for argumentative teenagers. Shrooms. They take it and just giggle at anything you say.

Bon voyage. Hope you continue to enjoy the road.