Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuffed into a locker, thrown overboard

Through bjkeefe, I saw this Mother Jones story on Bob Inglis. Inglis is a Republican congressman from South Carolina who's been overthrown by the Becktist wing of the party. Without sarcasm, I'd say he seems like someone I like. I hope that he follows his good instincts.

That basically means getting out and staying out of electoral politics. If he continues to try and be voice of reason--especially in his home district, after the scorched earth campaign that did him in--he's not going to get anywhere.

If he did run and win again, it would probably be by doing a 180 and agreeing with everything he was shying away from at that angry rally. Then getting ahead of it. Suffice it to say, that kind of thing will mess up your head.


susan said...

When all is said and done I'm sure it's best to keep one's head on straight than to try to keep up with that level of wackiness. It must be the result of too much sugar.. or something.

Ben said...

Oh they'll call you sugar, darlin', baby, as long as you're voting their way. When you're not, watch out!