Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swashbucklin' movie Saturday + Saturday Random Ten

Watched Scaramouche tonight. It's a very enjoyable flick from the early fifties. Part of that is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. Half the dialogue seems to be dick jokes they somehow got past the censors. And the acrobatic fencing is absolutely awesome.

A word about Stewart Granger. He bears some resemblance to Bruce Campbell, and may well be the man Campbell has spent his life trying to become. My only real complaint here is that he picks the wrong girl in the end. Well, he gets pushed by the right girl. But while spoiler is nothing to sneeze at in any circumstance, other spoiler is here in a class by herself.

Now, the music.

1. Sarah Vaughan--(I Love You And) Don't You Forget It
2. M83--Sister (Part 1)
2. TV On the Radio--A Method
4. The Velvet Underground--Beginning to See the Light
5. Lou Rawls--A Natural Man
6. Los Campesinos!--This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind.
7. Lynn Anderson--Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
8. The White Stripes--Jimmy the Exploder
9. Yuka Honda--Single Silver Bullet
10. Harry Nilsson--Miss Butter's Lament

That's right. Lou Reed and Lou Rawls, together again.


susan said...

Eleanor Parker runs off with Napoleon in the end? Really? This is one we've missed that we just might have to see.

The 2 Lou's are always an excellent combination :-)

Ben said...

Even though it was my blog post, tha second part of what you said threw me for a sec. I was like, "What's that? 2 Lou's Lautrec?"