Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Random Ten for a muggy Friday

It's the heat, and it's the humidity. We're getting a taste of the wet forehead time of year. Well, it'll pass, probably...

1. Modern Jazz Quartet--Delaunay's Dilemma
2. Harry Nilsson--Without Her
3. TV on the Radio--Province*
4. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra--Lover
5. Janis Joplin--Move Over
6. M83--By the Kiss
7. Roy Orbison--I Never Knew
8. Neko Case--Star Witness
9. Dinah Washington--Our Love Is Here to Stay
10. Tom Waits--Jitterbug Boy

* Featuring David Bowie, which does add a certain something.


susan said...

Lots of people go to Nova Scotia when it's hot and muggy further south. Just sayin'

Ben said...

I hear ya. Yeah, named after Scotland, so it sounds like kind of a cool-down place.

Today it wasn't nearly as muggy.