Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I saw Please Give tonight. Not going to go into detail here, but I did like it. It covers the awkwardness of women talking to other women pretty well, which is something I hadn't thought much about.

And a nice thing about seeing movies at the Avon is that they still use the hokey pre-show graphics from the early eighties. If I go to see a movie at one of the big chains, I make sure to go in late because I don't need to sit through ads--not trailers, but commercials--before the flick. But this is a different experience.


susan said...

It does look like a kind of neat movie from what I've read. The one we're waiting to have arrive in the local theaters is 'South of the Border' - a film that I doubt will play at the multiplexes. Little theaters have many benefits.

Ben said...

That's an interesting case. Oliver Stone still makes big-budget movies that do play multiplexes, but few people other than Michael Moore can give that kind of movie a big opening. Looking at what's happening in countries like Greece and Spain, where they have to choose between staying within EU guidelines and helping their own economies, you can see why Venezuela has chosen its particular way.