Friday, June 25, 2010

Borderline conscious Friday Random Ten

It;s kind of funny how after dozing off, you find your sense of time gyone. "Did I sleep through the night? In my clothes? What time is it? I hope it's not a weekday.

Oh, right. I just got home ten minutes ago."

1. Roy Orbison--Go Go Go
2. L'Attirail--Disco Tel-Aviv
3. M83--Waves, Waves, Waves
4. Tom Waits--Pasties & a G-String
5. Harry Nilsson--Coconut
6. Chris Isaak--Waiting
7. Pink Martini--Splendor in the Grass
8. Sharon Jnnes & the Dap Kings--I Learned the Hard Way
9. Lynn Anderson--Top of the World
10. Modern Jazz Quartet--Milano


susan said...

Well, hopefully you enjoyed an evening worth remembering.

L'Attirail is still one of my all time favorite generally unknown groups.

Ben said...

Very true. You really never hear anything about them.