Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are you gonna crawl my way?

With the series rebooting and Tobey Maguire no doubt off playing a pint of vanilla ice cream or something, the search is on for a new Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Not surprisingly, all the known candidates have been more chest-shaving white boys.

Not surprisingly, but not inevitably either. A massive internet petition is pushing for comedian Donald Glover (Mystery Team, Community) to be considered for the role.

Not all, but a number of superhero movies are so lumbering and effect-heavy it hardly matters who plays what. If Glover is offered the role, he should demand that he be able to play at least one scene like the following (which I kind of needed an excuse to post.)


susan said...

Maybe all three of them could be Batman which would make it interesting every time he removed his mask.. something like Dr. Parnassus.

It was an hilarious routine all by itself.

Ben said...

I hadn't thought of that, but yeah. The guy with the long hair (DC, I think?) does have the kind of rough skin I'd associate with prolonged mask use.