Monday, June 7, 2010

Bow-wow-wow, yippy-yo yippy-ay

I'm not sure there's a lot to say about this, but it piqued my curiosity.

New York performance artist Laurie Anderson can claim her performance on the steps of Australia's Sydney Opera House was a howling success, as she played to an audience of dogs.

Hundreds of canines and their owners showed up at the famous site on Saturday morning for a 20-minute high-pitched performance, Music for Dogs, most of it inaudible to human ears.

"Yo!" Anderson yelled from behind her keyboard. "Beautiful work, dogs!"

Some of the dogs wagged their tails while others wailed. A few were not amused, barking frantically and lunging toward the stage with their owners in tow.

"[The dogs] were grooving," declared Anderson. "They were uninhibited."

Yeah, that's dogs for you.

Anderson is a gem, as ingratiating in her music as she is quirky. So I wanted to see how she carried off this project. And now you can too.

So what can I say, really? When you're audience is this happy, you must be doing something right.


susan said...

That was very neat. It's nice to see someone who's been successful use her time in such a captivating endeavor :-)

Ben said...

Yeah, I got a really nice feeling from it, and I thought you might too.