Monday, June 21, 2010

Going buggy

Important tip for apartment dwellers: Wash dishes promptly. Especially in the summer. I've found that it really cuts down on the infestation factor.

Now in truth, cockroaches don't seem to be the thing to worry about. Roaches are like David Bowie in the 21st century. They make occasional appearances, but mostly stick to themselves. Ants, on the other hand, are like Bowie in the seventies. They're everywhere, they have more ideas than they know what to do with, and they're totally high on coke.


susan said...

Good one about the roaches and the Bowie connection. We get ants here too when it first warms up but is still raining a lot. They are teensy, tiny little things that love to surprise when you least expect.

Ben said...

Gotta hand it to 'em. They do know the element of surprise. :)