Thursday, May 18, 2017


Kneip 2015 - Objects of Curiosity from stiankorntvedruud on Vimeo.

These little motorized sculptures seem strangely haunted. In truth, while I couldn't tell you exactly how all this was done, they seem to be powered by magnets and very simple electric generators. So on some level the tech may have been accessible to people of the nineteenth century. The ideas are contemporary, though.

The thing that seemed to be taking flight like a bat was very interesting.


susan said...

They were very interesting as austere, almost meditational, emplacements. The video was a little too short to allow the kind of attention the artist probably hoped his audience would devote.

I did like it even though my usual tendency is to be entertained by somewhat sillier contrivances - like this one, for instance.

Ben said...

Yes, it does feel like there's a personal - and perhaps spiritual - intent to these creations. It's unclear how much justice any video could do to them.

I loved that page turning invention, especially the way billiard balls were brought into play. The spirit of Rube Goldberg lives.