Thursday, May 4, 2017

Songs new

There's always good music being made, but charting popular music now seems to be as bad as any time in my life. I blame EDM to a large extent. There seem to be, like, ten EDM tracks, and they just keep tossing different vocals in.

There are exceptions, though. I'm starting to warm to Haim. They remind me of the Shaggs if their dad had been able to put them through finishing school. One run by Stevie Nicks, I'm guessing.


semiconscious said...

never heard of haim, but am impressed - quite clever, & (checking their background) very talented...

then again, i've always had a thing for sister acts :) :

Ben said...

The Roches are indeed always a pleasure to see and here. Fun and unexpectedly unpretentious. Suzzy was married to Loudon Wainwright III and their daughter is also a very good singer/songwriter.