Monday, May 8, 2017

The chow line

You're not supposed to eat on buses around here. They put up signs inside the bus. Nonetheless, some people do. Not furtively, either. I've seen people just openly grab a slice of pizza out of the box or munch away on a pizza.

When this happens it has to be with the tacit consent of the driver. Some folks must have an understanding with the driver, or just have worn him down. I don't have that kind of luck. I'm not the kind of person that minor authority figures are going to give a break to. Then again I'd much rather have lunch at a table, so no big loss.


susan said...

As this is a subject I've never given much thought to I decided to see if eating on public transport was a problem anywhere else. I found a kind of boring article on the Guardian regarding the etiquette involved but I do recommend the comments. Some of them are very funny - like this one, for instance:

This summer I was on the circle line when a girl started eating one of those M&S salads that come with a sachet containing the dressing. She was struggling to open it so decided to use her teeth.

The problem was that she was squeezing it at the same time. It went all up her face, into her hair and then started dripping down onto her clothes. Tube protocol remained intact as nobody said anything or offered to help her.

Ben said...

Interesting comment section. Some people are straight commenters. Others are clearly having a laugh. Then there's a portion where it's hard to tell.

The etiquette referred to here might come off as a little callous. On the other hand, maybe the girl was able to pretend no one had seen her, which could be seen as a mercy.

I weirdly really enjoy the sound of people eating loudly, it sends me in to a trance like state of relaxation. I cannot for one minute understand why, but it's a similar effect to when you get a massage or have your hair brushed. So I'm happy for people to eat away!

That's one of the third group.