Wednesday, May 10, 2017


After calculating a few mathematical results in both base 8 and base 12, I've concluded that base 10 is the best at combining practicality and fun. (For one thing, there's more variety in the final digits of square numbers.) Now does this mean we live in the best of all possible worlds? Obviously not. But we have one of the better possible maths.

Yeah, my mind works like that when it has time to. And I can always find time.


susan said...

I never did get beyond base 10 math. The good news is I can still count better than the people who often get in front of us in the grocery store express lane.

Now for a totally predictable finale I'll leave you with a favorite by Tom Lehrer. I looked all over for a live version but, unfortunately, it wasn't part of the Copenhagen concert either.

Ben said...

I think a lot of people, both customers and cashiers, have started forgetting how change works, change being the basis of all math. It's because they've gotten accustomed to credit cards, where everything is always to the penny. I still use cash mostly, so I'm helping to teach the next generation.

I love that voice Lehrer does for "how did sixty fours get into it?"