Thursday, May 4, 2017

Songs old

Even among people who like the band and the album, this song seems to have generated its share of  offense. Should it, though? It's never seemed to me like Knopfler is mocking anyone but himself, by highlighting what weirdly unlikely subject matter this is for him. Maybe that's just my reaction.


semiconscious said...

never realized 'les boys' was a problem for some people. i'd always seen it much the same way you do: a song from the pov of an outsider looking on/in. maybe i'm too much of a knoffler fan to see anything more?...

always brings a tear to my eye:

Ben said...

No, I find pretty much the same thing you do. More things seem to be deemed objectionable now than I remember. You can call it political correctness but I think it's largely a function of technology. Everyone's simplest and least nuanced opinions are just out there in the street.

That song is very lived-in.