Tuesday, May 2, 2017

O the pain, the pain

This morning I woke up with a headache, and no ibuprofen or acetaminophen or anything to take for it, so I just tried to ignore it until it went away. Didn't work so well. Wound up getting nauseous, which is all I'll say about that for now. Anyway, I restocked, which should last me for a while.

Better that it happen today than tomorrow, at least. Have to be on the move tomorrow morning.


susan said...

Being in pain is never a good thing. Hope you've recovered now you're resupplied.

Ben said...

Oh yeah, it was a passing thing. Just that it seems to take forever to pass when it's happening. People who take "anti-drug" to the point of not taking aspirin or any of the substitutes impress me, but I don't think I could be like that.