Monday, April 10, 2017


This article is from about a year ago, but I've been seeing more ads on TV/online for hard soda. Not sure I get it. I mean, you could just pour some whiskey into a glass of root beer yourself. It's not a forbidding process.

People are in such a hurry for oblivion now. It's the national mood.


susan said...

I hadn't heard of hard soda before this, but I definitely see your point about it being just as simple to make a mixed drink. I guess kids just prefer opening a bottle.

The good news here is that the Canadian government will be legalizing marijuana next year. Hopefully, that will mean fewer drunk students disturbing the peace in the wee hours.

Ben said...

From what I remember of hard lemonade - a similar concept - in my twenties, it was too syrupy. Possibly it's for still developing taste buds that still have a yearning for Hi-C.

Makes sense to legalize since then you don't have to go crazy prosecuting everyone who carries it. Not that everyone develops a taste for the stuff.