Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Of the vanities

Arden las penas. from Angie Guerrero on Vimeo.

An interesting, slightly macabre, and also a bit touching stop motion film from Colombia. The title translates to "the pains burn."


susan said...

This one was so indecipherable to us Jer did a text translation and found it's to do with Colombia's Blacks and Whites Carnival. The story about the puppets is down near the bottom of the article. All in all it looks like a very cool way of celebrating the new year - the costumes and parade floats are magnificent.

Thanks again for showing us something new. :)

Ben said...

Thanks for the link to that article. I was able to translate "Black and White Carnival" but didn't know about the whole holiday tradition. Boy, when Colombians do "out with the old" they don't fuck around. You could argue that it's more positive than the materially similar Guy Fawkes Day.

Thought you might enjoy it. :)