Friday, April 14, 2017


Gran Canaria - Fotografias estenopeicas Guillaume Roumeguere - Batteria Alejandro Ramos from Guillaume AIR on Vimeo.

Some eerie and interesting pinhole images taken in Spain's Canary Islands, accompanied with groovy drum-heavy jazz.


susan said...

I don't know why but watching this reminded just a little of the strangeness of seeing Antonioi's Blow Up when David Hemmings's character tried to clarify the mystery of what he'd witnessed in the park that day. The closer he looked the less he saw.

Ben said...

Still a movie I haven't seen and really should see. Have a list of those for the summer/near future. I did read the Julio Cortazar story it was based on a long time ago. And I get your point. It's so easy to lose grip on your senses.