Saturday, April 8, 2017


So a while ago a British astrologer proposed a new zodiac with thirteen signs. Okay, adding one sounds fun, and Ophiuchus has some interesting imagery associated with it. Unfortunately the sidereal measurements have caused things to become a bit lopsided. Like, I don't know if my mother would get behind suddenly becoming a Libra. Which by this zodiac she would because Scorpio is only a week long. On the other hand, Taurus refuses to end, so my sign would become that much more common. I already have O positive blood.


susan said...

I read that article with interest, as well as another linked mentioned in the wiki that stated another astrologer preferred fourteen signs (that one being Cetus - the Whale at mid-summer). As for me, I think I'll stay with the zodiac sign I began with - it's the one my friend Inger charted for me many years ago. Not that I mind Libra, mind you, since that is my rising sign and one I've been close to for a long time.

Ben said...

Oh yes, nothing wrong with Libra. Just that it's not the one you've come up with.

Since the year has 52 weeks it seems to be a thirteen sign zodiac could make a stronger case for itself by assigning four weeks to each. With fourteen it's not quite so neat. Still, the whale/sea monster is an interesting image.