Friday, April 28, 2017

Covering a lot of ground: Wed, marshy ground

It's kind of funny to think about this, but things are changing quick now. A couple of days ago we still had weather, which was cool and rainy during the day, and during the nighttime the temperature sometimes dropped low enough so that the heater in my building would kick on. That last part definitely doesn't seem to be happening now.

Saturday Addendum
Ah, the dangers of blogging when you've already nodded off once late at night. I just fixed one of the typos, but I'm going to leave the one in the header. See if you can catch it.

But yes, the weather has changed quite a bit over the last few days. I just got in a few minutes ago with so much sweat falling into my eyes it looked like I was weeping. It's nice and comfy now, with a window open and the ceiling fan going full blast.


susan said...

Perhaps you meant to write 'Wet'(?) since generally Wednesdays aren't known for being any more swampy than other days.

Yes, it's that time around here too when in the same week you might wear a winter coat, a heavy jacket, a windbreaker - or shirtsleeves (hopefully not all at the same time). It's chageable and that's okay when it's heading toward balmy summer days.

Ben said...

One other way to interpret it is that the ground has recently gotten married, although don't ask how I would know this.

This afternoon/early evening it changed into heavy rain around here. Bad because until I managed to make a run to CVS, I had no umbrella. Why not, you ask? Because the last one I had got its head blown clean off by the wind a couple of weeks ago. It was something to see.