Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Busting out

The beginning of life is a neat thing to witness, and having a bird's nest within view like this is a lucky break. Of course it's also slow. There's at least one edit here. So the fact that the offscreen but audible child has been following along is nice to observe. Maybe not all of the nascent generation has had their attention spans hollowed out.


susan said...

It was very nice to see the emergence of the baby bird. However, I kept wondering where the parent birds were and why did it seem like the camera was being held almost inside the nest?

Yeah, hopefully more children get to spend time learning about nature by direct experience.

Ben said...

I assume the camera is fairly unobtrusive, so they could hang it at a good angle for shooting without disturbing the chicks. But yeah, I don't know where mama and papa bird are. Nearby, I hope.

Yes, I think children benefit by getting a good look at nature, a chance to just take it in.