Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 16, 2017

This was, indeed, Easter. In both the Western churches and the Orthodox ones, I read.

It's also a few weeks into spring. When the weather gets warmer people get rambunctious, bursting out of their shells more. That's not really my thing, but okay.

Today while waiting for the bus I saw a convoy of motorcyclists. One guy reared up like he was on a horse. Actually I'm not sure I'd call it a bike. It seemed to have four wheels.


susan said...

It was Easter all right and two good things about it were that the early spring flowers opened and so did the local Public Garden - a Victorian era park that covers a couple of square blocks and includes a large duck pond, a band stand, and several large fountains. It's pretty even before the flower beds are renewed.

So the motorcyclists were out, were they? A lot of those guys are getting on in years now so it doesn't surprise me to see bikes with more than two wheels. I remember a few years ago someone saying that when you see bike convoys out on the highways as often as not they're groups of touring urologists rather than gang members.

Ben said...

The public garden you speak of does look lovely in pictures and I'm sure it must be even nicer up close. I'd guess that memorial fountain must be cool to watch.

There must be some motorcycle enthusiasts under 50. I mean, I can't imagine the whole culture is dying off when it's an evergreen way of making a nuisance out of yourself. I guess the younger riders are more lone wolf than anything else, though.