Monday, October 24, 2016

Who, me?

Great Grey Owl from iNature on Vimeo.

My hat is off to whoever shot the gorgeous owl footage in this clip. And I love the detail that they don't build nests, but use the nests of other birds of prey.

"Listen, falcon, I hope I'm not putting you out but I need someplace to crash while I'm on this hunt."
"Sigh. Okay. Just make sure to restock the fridge this time."


susan said...

That really is a magnificent video. One time when we still lived in Vancouver a huge snowy owl spent a whole day sitting in the plum tree behind Armadillos. Quite a treat.

Good one about the nesting arrangement.

Ben said...

Yeah, I have to figure a day spent in propinquity to an owl will be an interesting one at any rate.

And thank you very much.