Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Now, or at least pretty soon, I lay me down to sleep. Tomorrow I'll try, in whatever modest way, to be better and do better. To do right, at any rate.


susan said...

When we stopped by the market to pick up a couple of things we went to the '8 items or less' checkout (as you will when you have less than 8 - or perhaps 9 if you have 2 of the same thing). A woman ahead of us had considerably more things in her basket than that - oblivious as she put them on the counter. By the time it was our turn the clerk, a sweet lady we see fairly often, told us a joke:

If you see the sign that says '8 items or less' and ignore it then you're either a mathematician who can't read or an English major who can't count.

Hope you enjoyed a good sleep.

Ben said...

I like that line. Of course I'm sure she had plenty of opportunities to come up with it. In her line of work it's a situation that arises pretty frequently.