Sunday, October 16, 2016

Easy for you to say

Hello out there. Meant to post something here last night, only vaguely remember what. Anyway, when I was in the middle of writing an email my wireless adapter started acting up, then conked out completely. Which I didn't know at first so it was more than a little frustrating to talk to my ISP's tech department and have them tell me nothing was wrong with the connection. Anyway, I'm currently looking for a fix - not the William Burroughs/Iggy Pop/et al kind - and using an ethernet cable I shouldn't need but which is probably a good idea to have anyway.

Hope you're doing okay.

Edit: Okay, I posted something in an HP tech forum today. Just before I went out earlier tonight, an update showed when I turned the computer off. Now Wi-Fi is working again. So that's good. Still keeping the ethernet cable handy.


susan said...

For a while our internet connection was dropping fairly often - sometimes more than once or twice a day (very aggravating). It's been fine for quite some time now, but when it went out our first reaction was to unplug the whole thing and reboot. That almost always fixed it.

Lets hope that was just an aberration.

Ben said...

Yeah, I can see how that would be irritating. Public wi-fi at a Starbucks or something is one thing, but at least you're not paying for it. At home it gets pretty maddening.

In my case it just seems to have been a driver that needed to update. Of course I had to download the update, which means I had to find some other way to get online. Everything's been pretty much smooth sailing since then.