Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Out of your skull

With Halloween fast approaching, there's no better time to examine those knotty little etiquette problems. Like, what to do when a skeleton serves you dinner but you don't eat bones. How do you avoid being a bad guest?

Flip the Frog was, of course, created by Ub Iwerks, who was also at least half responsible for Mickey Mouse, It's interesting to see the similarities and differences with his Disney work.


susan said...

I love just how loose and funny the pre-war cartoons were. Some of my favorite sections of the Peewee Herman shows were when the King of Cartoons showed up with similar ones - only those were only one or two minute clips, unlike this entire little story. The horse was good too.

Ben said...

Yeah, someone at Pee Wee's Playhouse, or more likely several someones, really knew their stuff in the vintage animation department.

The horse is very funny and expressive. And a marked contrast to the noble steeds that you see in even the earliest Disney feature films. Which are admittedly grand.