Friday, October 28, 2016

From above

They're partying upstairs tonight. There's dance music playing, loud enough for me to hear it where I'm typing now. No one's tackled anyone yet, although I swear to God I've heard something like wrestling matches up there in the past. Still, it's not quiet.

Potentially all of this could be annoying, I suppose. I'd complain, but the fact is I'm tired enough that I don't think they'll be keeping me up. The fact that the nights have gotten so much colder helps as well.


susan said...

The first building we lived in when we got to Halifax was largely populated by a very noisy crowd of students. Here, loud parties have only happened a couple of times. What's been handy in both places was the first one was big enough to have a security officer we could call while this place has a very scary landlady. Part of our rental agreement states we aren't supposed to approach loud neighbors with complaints. That suits us just fine. (Not that we've complained very often either.)

Yes, sleep is very deep now it's cooler.

Ben said...

That's interesting. I've never lived in a place with a security officer. It's more likely something you'll see in a workplace. Perhaps a good person to have around, though, as long as you can get along with him/her.

As for having a scary landlady, again, there could be advantages if you're on her good side. This place has absentee landlords who have an office in Boston, which mostly is fine with me.

The cooler weather is a comfort if you can appreciate it. Well, mostly.