Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumn blue

"Autumn Leaves", originally by Frenchmen Joseph Kosma and Jacques Jacques Prévert, probably best known with its English language lyrics by Johnny Mercer, is a masterpiece of dignified melancholy. That goes for this wordless jazz version as well. Miles Davis is the special guest star, but Hank Jones's piano solo strikes me as the most expressive part.

Incidentally, it's October and the nights (and mornings) are getting cooler, but most of the leaves are still green. Go figure.


susan said...

This really is a great version of Autumn Leaves by the wonderful Hank Jones. Despite the fact they don't make songs like this anymore, I'm glad they once did. You've probably heard Nat King Cole's interpretation but, just in case you haven't done so recently, you can hear it now. (^^)

Ben said...

For some reason the Nat Cole video you linked to got taken down. I found another of him doing the song, though. He was a great singer and not a half-bad piano player. A lot of his earliest records are instrumental. Gave off a very positive charisma, too.