Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Over the dome

I've recently started cutting my own hair. Is "cutting" the right word? I have a set of clippers and give my self a DIY buzz cut on the weekend. I have a friend who goes further and basically shears off everything although he doesn't use a razor. Me, I'm fine with just looking a bit more butch. In both our cases the natural receding of our hairlines had something to do with the decision.

It might make me a little more decisive as well.


susan said...

The word 'cutting' certainly gets the point across. Haircuts for women have become so expensive I've been doing my own for years and so far nobody has laughed when I walk past - at least not in my hearing.

Ben said...

From what I've seen you seem to do a pretty handy job. Impressive, especially considering that women are expected to have more variation in length and texture, while still maintaining a coherent whole.