Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Scottish post

My friend was right. He said he knew Edinburgh was the capital of Scotland. I said I wasn't sure but I thought it might be Glasgow. But no, it's Edinburgh. Glasgow has a much bigger population, though.

Britain still does have successful radio dramas. Good on the Beeb for that one.


susan said...

It wasn't quite 'crunchy frog', 'the dead parrot', or 'the argument' but it was pretty funny. Even in tiny slices the Pythons are still hilarious. Yesterday I read in the Guardian that John Cleese has agreed to write and star in a new BBC series. Hmm.. the return of Fawlty Towers? Nah..

I remember the residents of those two cities don't like one another very much.

Ben said...

No mention yet of what his new show will be about. Basil Fawlty is likely to remain in amber, just because how do you follow that up. Who knows, though? I imagine that Cleese doesn't have to work at all now, but I certainly have no objection if he does.

Maybe the two cities' antipathy toward one another has something to do with the narcissism of small differences.