Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Choir practice

The poem "Farewell, Ungrateful Traitor" is an excerpt from poet John Dryden's 1681 verse play The Spanish Fryar. I honestly am not quite clear on the plot but the bits of dialogue I've read are all full of this bitter humor.

The poem was set to music by P. D. Q. Bach, playing it relatively straight. There's something perfect about this covey of well mannered North Dakotans bringing it to life.


susan said...

This one is definitely familiar - the main difference being that I always thought P.D.Q. Bach was the lyricist as well as the composer. Just goes to show.. Great version of the piece. I love the choir.

I wonder if you've seen this dance video?

Ben said...

Bach - or Peter Schickele if you prefer - didn't write the lyrics, but he did give them a good home.

Snowball's an impressive bird. There's a whole series of videos on him, as well as a Wikipedia article.