Monday, August 8, 2016

Strauss walts, OR Look at the birdie

Vivienne Strauss has a whole bunch of collages and drawings on her site. Not all of them show birds interacting with mid-century modern furnishings and cars, but this vein does seem to produce rich results for her. Okay, yes, the birds are adorable. But the juxtaposition also draws parallels between birds and ourselves, raising the question of what is natural vs. conditioned behavior for them and us. There's a kind of surrealism here and also a kind of allegory.


susan said...

Unlike the work of many collage artists, hers provides a very direct and clear message about our distance from the natural world. I also understood her to be indicating how our technology endangers wild creatures.

Nice find.

Ben said...

Distance or proximity. In a lot of ways our distance from the natural world is a matter of perception. (Ego?) I think you're right that there's a theme of endangerment in these pictures, related to the skewed sense of scale. Anyway, glad you enjoyed.